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Road Opening Permit Application

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  2. Regular Supervision Fee


  3. Policies

    • The Grantees shall indemnify and save harmless the Town of Middleborough against all suits, claims or liability of every name and nature arising any time out of or in consequence of the acts of the Grantees in the performance of the work covered by this permit whether by themselves or their employees or subcontractors.
    • The following Town Officials and Departments shall be notified before the above work is started in accordance with Section 40, Chapter 82, of the Massachusetts General Laws: Electric Department, Gas Department, Water and Sewer Division, Highway Division, Fire Department and Cablevision.
    • All of the above Departments will be notified 72 hours in advance of any road opening. In case of any emergency, all Departments shall be notified immediately. No road opening permit will be issued on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays, unless for an emergency and said emergencies to be determined by the Town Manager, Highway Superintendent, Water Superintendent, Wastewater Superintendent or Gas Engineer. For Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays work, a Town Inspector shall be compensated for a full day's salary at his regular rate of pay for that day.
    • When the existing pavement is to be disturbed, it shall be cut in neat, true lines by mechanical means along the length of the trench. The trench shall then be excavated and the utility installed and excavatable controlled density fill (CDF) Type 1E or Type 2E, placed to within four inches of the finished grade of the roadway surface. The trench shall then be plated securely and ramped with temporary cold patch overnight to allow the controlled density fill to cure.
    • The Grantee must then place a permanent patch which shall consist of two and a half inches of bituminous concrete Base Type I-1 and one and a half inches of bituminous concrete top Type I-1.
    • All abutting edges of the existing pavement shall be painted with RS-1 immediately prior to the placement of the finished top course.
    • All materials used must conform to the Massachusetts Highway Department's 1995 Standard Specifications for Highways and Bridges M4.08.0.
    • A true finished surface within one-fourth of an inch of existing pavement will be required
    • All trenches shall be maintained by the Grantee at all times from inception until one year from the permitted date.
    • The Grantee will be responsible for the setting up of Construction and Men Working. Warning Signs, Traffic Control devised and any other means necessary to safely allow pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic to circumvent or proceed through the construction area. The Grantee will provide all devices necessary at his expense. Uniformed Police Officers shall be provided and compensated by the Grantee and shall be in attendance to direct traffic and for safety of the public and workers unless otherwise directed by the Police Chief or his designated representative.
    • A copy of this permit must be on the job site at all times for inspection. Failure to have this permit available at such site will result in suspension of the rights granted by this permit.
    • No Road Opening permits will be issued from November 15th through March 15th without approval of the DPW Director.
    • Permits are issued only to applicants who first present a Certificate of Insurance.
    • Applications may be picked up at Middleborough Highway Department during normal working hours of Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    • Each Road Opening Permit will require a Performance Bond of $2,500.00.

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