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The next meeting of the Middleborough Board of Assessors is Thursday February 18, 2016 at 5:30 pm.


General Assessors' Office Information

Town of Middleborough Assessors
10 Nickerson Avenue
Middleborough, MA  02346
Fax: 508-946-4430

Regular Office Hours:

Monday         8:45am-5:00pm

Tuesday        8:45am-5:00pm

Wednesday   8:45am-5:00pm

Thursday       8:45am-5:00pm

Friday             8:45am-5:00pm

Contact our staff at:

If you discover on error or omission on our web page, please email this address and we will correct it as soon as possible

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What's happening Right Now?


It's that time of year and

Form of List AND Income&Expense postcards

are going in the mail!

They are Bright Green so you can't miss them!

Click below to download the appropriate form(s) for you.

These are for the business itself:

Business Form of List

Household Form of List

These are for the real estate:

Expenses for All Types

Income for Apartments

Income for Commercial or Industrial Parcels

Income for Mixed Use Parcels


Fiscal 2017 Personal Property Revaluation Update:


Beginning December 7, 2015 representatives from Real Estate Research Consultants, Inc (RRC) will be visiting all places of business in Middleboro.


We are required by law to list the personal property at each place of business in town in order to assess personal property taxes. 


Completion of this is required by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to obtain state certification of our values.


Please call our office at 508-946-2410 if you have any questions.


 Monday through Friday 8:45am to 5:00pm.


The fiscal 2016 valuations are

on the Vision Appraisal Link above.

If you have any questions, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

____________________________ ____________________________

Lists of Fiscal 2016 Comparable Sales By Style

To access specific parcel data, please use the Vision Appraisal Link above.







Dutch Colonial

Gambrel Colonial

Land Sales

Modern Contemporary

New England Colonial

Raised Ranch


Split Level

Three Family

Two Family

____________________________ ____________________________

Current and Past Year Tax Rates


Fiscal 2016:  

Residential     $15.92      

Comm/Ind     $16.94



Fiscal 2015:  

Residential     $15.78      

Comm/Ind     $16.77


Attention Service Men and Women

There is a Clause 56 Full Real Estate Tax Exemption

available for National Guard & Reservists

Deployed Overseas as of July 1st.

Please call our office at 508-946-2410 for details

Click here for:

Important Information for members of the Massachusetts National Guard or reservists on active duty outside the Commonwealth


Community Preservation Act

CPA Information

Downloadable application


Motor Vehicle Excise

If you receive a Motor Vehicle Excise Bill and you have questions, please click this link....

Motor Vehicle Excise Booklet

and read about motor vehicle excise, how it is calculated, abated and more.......


Exempt Properties


The 3abc form can be obtained below or at our office located at 10 Nickerson Avenue

3abc Form

2 Other forms, the 990 and the PC (Public Charities form) are filed annually at the state level as well, and we require a copy of each one in addition to the 3abc above.


The Middleboro Assessors' Information Corner


Chapter land

Setting the Tax Rate in a RevaluationYear

Setting the Tax Rate in an Interim Year

CPA Exemption Information


Personal Property & Income / Expense & Forms of List

Land Valuation

Motor Vehicle Excise

Real Estate Tax Abatements

Sales & Market Value

Use of Qualified Sales


What does the Assessors' Office do? 

The Middleborough Assessors Office provides the following services (and more) to the public: Motor Vehicle & Boat Excise Abatements, Real Estate Exemptions, Real Estate and Personal Property Abatements, Tax Deferral Applications and Information, Chapter Land Applications and Information, Charitable Exemption Applications and Information, Property Record Cards, Tax Maps, Owner and Deed Information, Assessment Information, On Site Property Inspections