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Health Department: Frequently Asked Questions

Town of Middleborough Health Department
20 Center Street
Middleborough, MA 02346
Phone: 508-946-2408
Fax: 508-946-2321

Health Officer – Robert Buker,
Health Inspector- Catherine Hassett
Public Health Nurse-Jaclyn Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do the Public Health Nurses do?
They perform:

How do I know my septic is in failure?
Sewage odor near the septic tank or leaching area,slow running drains and toilets. If any of these symptoms develop, have the septic tank pumped.

Do I have to leave my name to file a complaint?
No, anonymous complaints are accepted and investigated.

How often are food service inspections conducted?
Typically Twice a year.

Do I need a permit from the Health Department for a bake sale?
No, Bake Sales are exempt as long as food items are not potentially hazardous and are individually wrapped.

Can I obtain my childhood immunization records from the Health Department?
No, the Health Department does not retain childhood immunization records. We Recommend contacting the child’s Pediatrician for that information.