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Housing and Community Development: Block Grants (CDBG)

20 Centre Street, third floor
Middleborough, MA 02346
(508) 946-2402

Janis K. Akerstrom, Director

Community Development Block Grants

Middleborough must compete with a number of communities in Massachusetts for CDBG funds. For a regional application the maximum amount of funds that a community can be awarded is $1,000,000.

Each application needs to consist of a minimum of two activities to be competitive and again must meet one of the national objectives. The proposed activities must be conducted within a defined target area.

Eligible Projects

Each CDBG-funded activity must meet at least one of these three national objectives:

Eligible CDBG projects include but are not limited to:

Who Can Apply?

Municipalities with a population of under 50,000 that do not receive CDBG funds directly from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are eligible for CDBG funding. Communities may apply on behalf of a specific developer or property owner.

Target Area Map


Middleborough's 2013 CDBG Grant

In 2013, the OECD was awarded the FY2013 CDBG Grant application with the Town of Fairhaven as the lead community.

The total grant amount is $894,657. Of that, Middleborough has received:

$150,925 was for Housing Rehabilitation Loans. Eight projects have been completed.

$212,741 for Instrastructure improvement on Park St. and Sproat St., which abut the Nemasket Apartments for seniors.

$130,184 for delivery, inspection and oversight of the projects plus project and general administration.

FY CDBG 2010 Activity - Emergency Housing Financial Assistance Program

Program is now closed since funds for this activity have been expended. Please contact Janis K. Akerstrom at (508)-946-2402 or for information on other housing rehab programs.

Past Projects Funded by CDBG

In the past decade, the OECD has received funding for various projects including, 2010 CDF: Emergency Housing Financial Assistance: 19 Low to Moderate Households (LMI) served

In addition to direct grants from the DHCD, the OECD has received funds from the repayment of Housing Rehab loans, called “Program Income” funds. With these funds, the OECD has created the following programs/projects since 2006: