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Planning Department: Frequently Asked Questions

Town of Middleborough Planning Department
20 Center Street (Second Floor)
Middleborough, MA 02346
Office 508-946-2425
Fax 508-946-1991

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is the Planning Department located?

A. In the Town Annex Building at 20 Center Street on the second floor.

Q. When does the Planning Board meet and where?

A. The Planning Board meets on Tuesday night at 7:30 PM at the Middleborough Town Hall in the Board of Selectmen's meeting room. Official Schedules are always posted on the Town Web Site.

Q. How can I be placed on the Agenda?

A. Submit a written request outlining the matter that you wish to discuss with 8 copies of all substantiating material.  The Planning Board must receive the request by 5:00 PM the Tuesday before the Planning Board meeting.

Q. How many Planning Board members are there?

A. There are five (5) elected members and (1) associate member.

Q. Can anyone attend a Planning Board meeting?

A. Yes, all Planning Board meetings are open to the public?

Q. Are all Planning Board meeting minutes available to the public?

A. Yes, all Planning Board meeting minutes are available to the public either on this website or copies can be made available at the Planning Department but copying fees apply.

Q. What is the description of a Form A?

A. An application for the endorsement of a plan believed not to require approval under the Subdivision Control Law. A Form A or Approval Not Required (ANR) plan divides land into house lots when the lots have frontage on an existing street.

Q. How many plan copies are needed when a Form A application is submitted?

A. Eight (8).

Q. When is the best time to submit a Form A?

A. The Planning Board has 21 days after the submission of a Form A plan to approve the application.  Therefore, the best time to submit a Form A application would be the Wednesday before the next scheduled Planning Board meeting.

Q. What are the required lot sizes, minimum yards (setbacks) and frontage?