Minutes of the Public Meeting

on the

Plain Street Layout & Takings

held on

September 12, 2002

In the

Town Hall Auditorium


10 Nickerson Avenue


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Town Manager John Healey, who welcomed the sixteen residents (14 from Plain Street and 2 from Summer Street) in attendance.

Mr. Healey reviewed the procedure required to be followed to lay out the road and read the Planning Board’s letter and report and the certification of receipt of that report letter by Sandra Bernier, Town Clerk.

Mr. Healey then asked if the residents present had any questions about the Layout and Taking Plans.

The following residents raised the following matters:

Al Smith, 4 Summer Street – Protection of Property – Guard Rail & Stop Sign

Laura O’Connor, 20 Plain Street – Bike riding, Brian Ricker, of Allan & Majors, said the shoulder is adequate.

Elaine Caswell, 86 Plain Street – will be safer when paved, Laura agreed

Robert Algier, 31 Plain Street – Road needs to be watered regularly

Lincoln Andrews agreed to call Town, to also try to water at times.

John Flaherty – 29 Plain Street – Dust a severe problem, also potholes

Selectman Rogers suggested calcium chloride

Dale Caswell & John Flaherty – What happened to bonding the whole road?

Mr. Healey said Oakpoint’s financial people said no

Jeff Caswell – Dust and grading operation more than one day

Mrs. E. Caswell – Dust a problem in Winter, also

Mr. Healey also noted the possible need of calcium chloride.

Selectwoman Brunelle was elected Chairman Pro Tem on a motion by Selectman Rogers and a second by Selectman Eayrs. A motion was made by Selectman Rogers and seconded by Selectman Eayrs to lay out the way known as Plain Street as a Town Way for the use of the Town in accordance with, and as shown on, the layout plan entitled, "Plain Street, Middleborough, Massachusetts", dated May 9, 2001, revised through August 23, 2002, and prepared by Allen and Majors Associates, Inc. The vote was unanimous.

On motion made by Selectman Rogers and seconded by Selectman Eayrs, Selectwoman Brunelle was authorized to sign the letter to Sandra Bernier notifying her of the Board’s vote.

The meeting adjourned at 7:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,



John F. Healey, Town Manager

Secretary Pro Tem