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Veterans Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Town of Middleborough Veterans Services
20 Centre Street
Middleborough MA 02346 office phone:
508 946 2407
Fax: 508 946 2312

Cell phone: 508 958 3557, .

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you located at?
Third floor of the town office building (Eastern Bank building) at 20 Centre St. Middleborough, MA 02346

Am I eligible for services from your office?
The answer to this question is not easy to determine in a quick answer here. It is based on the individual question or issue that a veteran or their eligible dependent asks. Benefits from the state have one set of rules that cover them and the VA has a different set altogether.

Does my office provide transportation of veterans to appointments?
Transporting is done on a very limited basis due to the Director of Veterans’ Services within this town being the sole employee of the department

Are you able to assist veterans and their eligible dependents with completing the forms needed for state and federal veterans’ benefits?
In a majority of cases the answer is yes. I work strictly by appointment so call in advance. In most cases I will mail out the forms that need to be filled out and ask that you fill in as much as you’re able prior to our scheduled appointment. This helps to keep me on schedule and allows me to schedule more appointment each day.

How do I apply for the state bonus for being a veteran of a certain period of war?
Simply contact my office and set up an appointment. I’ll assist you in filling out the forms and direct you to the various things that need to be done with the paperwork before it is mailed in.

How do I apply for the GI bill?
Call 888 442 4551 and they’ll be able to answer your questions

How do I apply for a service connected disability?
I have all the forms available and will assist you through the entire process from application to appeal if needed.

Am I eligible to use the VA hospital and if so how do I apply?
The answer to this question is a little bit complicated. The VA health care system services veteran and veterans only. They service veterans based on your financial status. The average working class family normally meets the income guidelines for the veteran to enroll in the VA health care system. Call and ask for an appointment to apply and I’ll send out the form along with a cover page for you to fill out and I’ll alos set up an appointment to meet with you and fine tune the application form.

Am I entitled to a non service connected pension or widows pension?
This is a needs based program and in a majority of cases if you are receiving any income from employment, pensions, or social security in an of its’ forms you’ll be over income and assets and will not qualify. It never hurts to however and discuss the programs with me. You may be surprised.

What is aid attendance as it applies to veterans and their eligible dependents?
This is money that the VA will pay monthly if you meet the income and asset guideline. In order to meet the minimum qualifications for this program you must:

Be a veteran of war period or the eligible dependent of a serviceman from a war period.
Qualify for either service connected disability, non-service connected pension, or a widows pension.
Have a medically documented need for aid and attendance. In other words you need assistance of outside resources medically to take care of some of or all of your day to day living.

A majority of the cases that I’m working currently are veterans and their eligible dependents that are in nursing homes or assisted living arrangements. This is not to say that there are not people living independently in their own homes, apartments, or senior housing complexes that would not qualify for this program. If medical assistance is needed or a regular basis and you’re spending down your income and or financial assets you may qualify. Contact my office for further determination of this program and to apply.