Forms / Documents

Taxpayer Forms & Guides

We make every effort to have the most current forms available using links on our website, however the link goes directly to the Department of Revenue for access to forms on their website. 

Chapter Land New Filers

If you have applied before, we have your application on file and you may only need to complete a few items and sign it. Call for details at 508-946-2410.

Chapter Land Classification Removal

Please call our office for more information at 508-946-2410.

Exempt Properties

Charitable property annual forms can be obtained online or at our office located at:
10 Nickerson Avenue
Middleborough, MA 02346

Two other forms, the 990 and the PC (Public Charities form) are filed annually at the state level as well, and we require a copy of each one in addition to the 3abc above.

Boat Owners

Businesses & Commercial / Industrial Properties

Community Preservation Act